Increasing Joules on the Candela GentleLase

Three weeks after my third laser hair removal treatment the shedding was complete and my skin was nearly hair free. I did have to have a couple spots retreated, and that is what led to my discussion with the tech about the settings used on me. I was treated at 12J & 18mm on the GentleLase by Alexandrite. I had the touch up at 14 joules and want the 4th laser treatment at 16 Joules. The RN explained to me that it could be dangerous to jump from 12 to 16 joules, even though I had the spot treatment at 14 J. She said you never know how each little piece of your skin is going to react, and suggested I talk to the MD if I wanted to increase my settings. — I’m not really sure what to do.

See pictures of hair free skin after three laser hair removal treatments.

Underarm Area Three Weeks After 3rd Laser Treatment

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