Ideal Image Increased Recommended Settings For Laser Hair Removal

I had my first laser hair removal treatment at 10 J and 18 mm on the Candela GentleLase. These were the recommended settings for a person with Type III skin type. Turns out I’m a type II, so I should have started at 14 joules. BUT now Ideal Image is starting type II patients at 18 J!!! I’ve had four treatments already and I haven’t even reached 18 J.

I found this information out when I went back to have a couple spots re-treated. I thought these areas were missed, but the tech thinks they may just be on a different cycle because it was the same area I had to have re-touched last time. Well, she treated me anyways, but only at 16 joules. She says my 5th treatment will be at 18 joules. hmmmf Now I think my laser treatments will not be as effective as they should be.

Other then this new treatment guideline, I am happy with my treatments. Five weeks after my 4th treatment my skin was hair free! I do have pepperspots, but no hair growing.

Bikini area with pepperspots

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