Consultation at Ideal Image

I went to a chain laser hair removal clinic called Ideal Image to have my free laser hair removal consultation. I hadn’t planned on signing any contracts or setting up an appointment for my first treatment, but things went so fast the next thing I knew I had signed a contract. I suggest everyone have at least three consultations before deciding where to receive laser hair removal treatments, fortunately Ideal Image has a good reputation, they use the best lasers, but they do charge a little more than other clinics.

I am having my upper lip, my bikini area and my underarms treated for $3,000. I will be treated with the GentleLase Alexandrite laser by Candela. There will be 8 treatments spaced 10 weeks apart.

I took before pictures of my upper-lip, underarms and bikini area, and I will take more pictures after each laser treatment.

Upper Lip Picture Before Laser Hair Removal

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