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Blond Hair Growing in after Third Laser Treatment

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It has been nearly five weeks since my last laser hair removal treatment and I still haven't shaved any of the treated area.  I am seeing a lot of blond hair growth on my upper lip.  There are a few light, soft hairs in my underarms and my bikini area.  There are still about 6 more weeks before my next treatment to I expect to see a lot more of hair growth before my fourth laser treatment.

I didn't have my areolas treated during the last treatment and the hair has completely grown back.  I hope after treating them again at a higher setting I will see some reduction in hair growth.  There are not many hairs there, but the few that are are long and dark.

There is no hair growth in the small spots that had to be touched up and were treated at 14 joules.  I am excited to see the results after my fourth treatment with a higher setting.


Last Treatment:
Laser: Alexandrite Candela GentleLase
Treatment number  3
Spot Size: 18mm
Energy Setting: 12J

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