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Day Before Fourth Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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These pictures were taken the day before my fourth laser hair removal treatment. As you can see there is a significant amount of dark hair growth in all of the treated areas. 

The hair in the upper lip area appears thinner than before I started treatments, but this may be an illusion.  The hairs are shorter than before I started the treatments, so it may just appear to be thinner.  Also, if I had a few more weeks before my next treatment I wouldn't be surprised if there was even more hair growth.

My underarms are much easier to shave than they were before I started laser hair removal.  These pictures were taken a few days after I shaved.  I think there is a difference in the amount of hair in my underarms.  I hope after my fourth laser treatment there is a much more visible difference, but for now I am happy. I really like that I can shave without cuts and razor burn.  Also, I can shave in the morning and still feel smooth in the evening.  I even feel comfortable going a day or two without shaving.

Although the bikini area appears to have thick hair growth, it is much thinner than before I began the treatments.  It may be a little difficult to compare these pictures with the pictures before my first treatment because of the length of the hair, but I can tell there is a difference. Prior to laser treatments I felt like the hair grew in all directions; now there is an obvious direction of hair growth.  The hair toward the center of my bikini area is still very thick, but this may be because I didn't have it treated for the second laser treatment. 

I am disappointed in the area near my lips in the bikini area.  I don't feel as though this area has been properly treated.  I think I need to position myself more like I would for a Brazilian wax, so all of the hair can be zapped.  I know I should speak up during my next treatment, but it is kind of embarrassing. 

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