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First Laser Hair Removal Treatment 4-25-06

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I walked into the office extremely nervous. The saleswomen who set up my appointment said I didnít need the numbing cream for the first treatment, and I was terrified it would be too painful to endure.  I had followed instructions, no sun for four weeks prior to the treatment (I wore SPF 30 everyday) and I shaved the areas to be treated that morning. 

The nurse was very nice and professional.  She gave me Tylenol as soon as I arrived and told me to relax.  She showed me to the room, pointed out the laser and asked if I had any questions.  She then left for a minute so I could get ready.

The room was cold, but I was so nervous it didnít bother me.  I had to remove my clothes and put on one of those hospital gowns.  I sat on the bed and the nurse returned to start the laser hair removal.

ďWeíll start with your lip,Ē she said.  ďDonít worry.  There will be a quick pulse followed by a cool spray of moisturizer.Ē

The spray is to keep the redness and swelling down.  The nurse said I would probably feel the cool spray more than the zap during the first treatment 

I wrapped my lip around my teeth to stretch out my upper lip as the nurse pulled a large white laser toward my face.  She placed it at the end of my mustache and Ďzapí.  It was done.  It didnít hurt** at all, not even a little.  The worst part were the moments before when the nurse had to shave my upper lip, which I had forgotten to shave the morning before. 

The Ďzapí is about the size of a nickel or maybe a dime.  The main thing you feel is the spray of cool liquid.  The zap itself is just the tiniest shock, less painful than the shock of static electricity.  It took 6 zaps to do my upper-lip, then she zapped the tip of inside the tip of my nose to remove some nostril hairs.  So 8 zaps altogether.  I didnít even flinch. 

She said it was a little red but not much.  She also suggested a shave the night before rather than the morning before so my skin would be less sensitive.

The next step was my underarms.  She allowed me to maintain my modesty and keep my hospital gown half on as she did one arm at a time.  Again it was quick and easy.  This time I did feel a moment of discomfort during the actual zap, but as soon as the cool spray hit my skin I was fine.  There was no pain after she finished the process.

Before she moved on to my bikini line, I asked what I thought was an embarrassing question. I asked if they could remove the hair around my areolas.  I didnít think it would work because the skin is a dark pink, but I was wrong.  She said it was a very popular treatment, and many women come in just to have that done.  She also assured me it was normal to have hairs around the areola.  To me this piece of information was worth the $3,000 treatment.  For years I thought I was a hairy beast and the hair around my areolas was due to low levels of estrogen. 

So, free of charge, she zapped the hair around my areolas.  I just have a few stray hairs, so it only took three zaps on each.  I did feel the laser more is this area, but it still wasnít painful, and Iím a baby when it comes to pain.

Ideal Image gives you three random pulses free of charge when you are doing a treatment.  They donít tell you this upfront, but the nurse told me during my treatment.  So I was able to add my areolas to my package deal of $2,962.

Now came the scary part, the bikini line.  I have a lot of hair, and this isnít my imagination.  Three different people who waxed my bikini area have told me that I have a lot of hair.  My hair is thick, coarse and black.  I have constant stubble, even after shaving.  Whenever I wax there are always hairs they couldnít remove, and I have tried several different types of waxes.

Another problem, I have a mole in the middle of my bikini line. (I tried to shave it off when I was 13.)  I was concerned that the laser would cause problems with the mole.  Apparently they just work around it.  If they zap it, there could be scarring. 

I warned the nurse of my mole, took a deep breath and prayed it wouldnít hurt.  At first it didnít hurt.  The nurse moves very quickly and eventually the zapping runs together and there is a little pain.  It is not nearly as painful as waxing and it is just a fast.  You have to move your legs up and apart like you are being waxed. 

She was very thorough.  I was nervous about having a few stray hairs at the very top of my bikini line, or down my thighs, but she zapped everything.  She told me to stop her when I need a break and although it did hurt, it wasnít bad enough to ask her to stop. 

After she zapped away my bikini line she asked if I wanted the inner lips done.  Of course I want it done.  I live in Miami, Iíve been trained on a full Brazilian.  I hesitated because it is awkward and I was nervous about the pain, but I said yes.  She suggested I waited until the next treatment and I take the numbing cream.  I agreed and that ended my treatment.  It only took about 30 minutes.

She gave me a soothing aloe gel for the areas treated.  I applied it, but donít think it was necessary.  The only area that was red was my bikini line.  It wasnít swollen or patchy.  It was just a slight shade of red.  There were no shriveled burnt hairs.

I went to directly to the restroom to take pictures, but the redness had already faded.  There was no pain, redness or swelling in any of the treated areas, but this was only the first treatment.  The first treatment is to see how your skin will react.  The laser is set to a low setting (mine was at 10 of 16) and you are not expected to see great results.

I went back to work and no one could tell I had just had my first treatment of laser hair removal.

**The reason this treatment was pain-free was because the setting were too low.  The treatments were not effective!  Once they cranked up the power the treatments hurt!  They hurt a lot!

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