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First Signs of Hair Shedding After First Treatment

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May 3, 2006 – The first signs of shedding

My hair grew normally for the first week.  I shaved my underarms everyday, just like before the treatment.  It wasn’t until the 8th day that I noticed the first signs of shedding.  It wasn’t much, just a few small hairs in my underwear.  I didn’t notice in shedding under my arms or on my upper-lip, only in my bikini line.

May 10, 2006 – The first sign of results

I haven’t shaved my underarms in two days and they are perfectly smooth.  My bikini line has started shedding drastically.  I scrubbed it with a body poof and all the hairs came out.  I noticed I could pull them out with my fingers. (Like tweezing, but there weren’t any roots, they just fell out.)  I also noticed the nurse who performed the laser hair removal must have missed a small patch in my bikini line, about two zaps.  There is an odd patch of hair in the right side of my bikini line.


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