Laser Hair Removal Journal
Hair Breaking and Shedding

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These pictures were taken one week after my fourth laser hair removal treatment.  I didn't start shedding until the 8th day, but my hair was breaking at the point these photos were taken.  The hair is growing more slowly than before I started the treatment.  I'm not sure if this is entirely because of the treatment.  I've read that hair grows slower in colder weather, and it is December.  (Even though South Florida isn't cold, it's still colder than when I started in April.)

If you look at the bikini area pictures you can see the hair is different lengths.  This is because it is very fragile; it breaks when anything rubs against it.

You can hardly see the hair on my upper lip.  If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you can see small black dots where the hair is surfacing. 

I am very concerned about pepperspots because unlike after the other treatments the hair is not pushing through my skin very quickly.


I saw the first signs of shedding on the eighth day after my laser hair removal treatment.  Just like the previous times I shed, only a small amount of hair came out.  It is only noticeable in my bikini area, but I sure my underarms are shedding too.

On the ninth day I saw more shedding. It is now noticeable in my underarms, but not on the upper lip.

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