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Hair Growing Back After 2nd Treatment

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My hair is growing back, but it is so much thinner and softer than before.
I shaved my underarms three times this week, but it wasnąt completely
necessary. The hair growing in was very light and thin; you couldnąt see it
unless you were a few inches away from my underarm.

My bikini area is growing in patchy, but itąs not bad. You can see in the
pictures that there are several long hairs, but for the most part it is
smooth. I believe these longer hairs were in the telogen or catagen phase
of the hair growth cycle during the treatment. The reason I believe this is
because the laser works best on killing stem cells that develop in the
growth phase, known as the anagen phase. Because these hairs were obviously
zapped, but did not shed or have a stunted growth I am assuming they were
not in the most receptive state to receive laser treatment.

Your hair goes through cycles of anagen, catagen and telogen phases; each
cycle can last from 3 week to 9 months. This is one of the reasons laser
hair removal requires several treatments with lots of time in between; you
hope to zap each hair follicle while it is in the anagen phase of the hair
growth cycle.


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