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Hair Shedding and Pepperspots

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It has been three weeks since my fourth laser hair removal treatment and I believe all of the hair that is going to shed has shed.  There are a few missed spots that I will have to have re-treated.  I am a little curious about these spots.  They are the same spots that were missed last time, by the same technician, but I am surprised because it felt like she did such a thorough job of treating me that I can't believe there were missed spots.

Overall I am very pleased with the shedding process.  My skin is very smooth and there are only a few stray hairs that did not shed.  The blond hairs are starting to grow, but I don't mind the blond hairs.

I do have a lot of pepperspots in my bikini area.  I did not shave after my treatment, as recommended to reduce pepperspots.  If you click on the bikini area thumbnails you can see an enlarged photograph with the pepperspots clearly visible.  I am sure that they will go away in time, just as they did previously, but they still annoy me.

If you notice the white scar like areas in my bikini area, do not be alarmed these occurred from waxing they are not a result of laser hair removal.  I have had them since college, and typically they are not noticeable. This is just another reason I favor laser hair removal over waxing.

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