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Minutes After Fourth Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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Ouch!!!!!  16 joules is really painful!  My bikini area was actually blistered! There were little red bubbles all over the area; they faded almost immediately after applying aloe vera.  All of these pictures were taken just minutes after the treatment . . . after applying the aloe.

Thankfully I had applied the numbing cream an hour and twenty minutes prior to the treatment.  This was the first time I actually felt a little numb.  When I removed the plastic wrap the area had that strange feeling you get when a dentist numbs your gums. I did two things differently, which may have been why the numbing cream was more effective this time.  I applied the cream one hour and twenty minutes before the treatment, and I did a good job wrapping the area with plastic wrap.  I was told by someone that the plastic wrap helped hold in the heat which helps the numbing cream work better.

I am curious as to why only my bikini area blistered.  The exact same settings were used on my underarms, but when I looked at them they were just red.  Maybe, my underarms did blister, but I didn't see them right away, because she treated my bikini area last. I've also read a lot of negative things about using numbing creams, which makes me wonder if the numbing cream caused me to blister.  It seems like most of the things I have read have said the reason to not use numbing cream is so you can feel if the laser is burning your skin. 

I don't think I could have finished the treatment without having my bikini area numbed a little.  It still hurt; it wasn't completely numb, but it was less painful than my underarms.

My upper lip didn't hurt very much because it the laser was on different settings.  I'm not sure, but I think it was 16J at 15mm.  The other areas were treated at 16J and 18mm.  There was redness on my upper lip, but it quickly faded.  I really hope the smaller spot size doesn't effect my results.  I want my upper lip to be completely hair free, as soon as possible. It is very difficult not to be able to wax or bleach my upper lip between treatments.  Although the hairs are not as noticeable since I've started the treatments, I am still self-conscious of the area.

When she treated my underarms she would do two pulsed then press down on the area with her fingertips (she wore gloves).  I'm not sure if this was to help with the pain or to prevent blisters, but the break in-between pulses helped make the procedure bearable. I was shocked by how much more this treatment hurt than the last one, and she said it was normal for people to notice a difference when the joules are increased to 16.  She also said I should see great results after this treatment.  She said there would be very little hair re-growth.

The pictures of my bikini area look really bad, but it wasn't as painful as it looks.  It did hurt, but I was surprised by how red and blistered it looked after the treatment.  If you click on the picture, Bikini - 1, you can see some of the blistering on the right side of the bikini area.  As I said, most of the blistering faded when I applied the aloe vera. 

The nurse did a very thorough job of treating the bikini area.  This is the first time I felt like I had a true Brazilian. Just like in waxing the area, she had me pull my lips taunt so the entire area could be treated.  Surprisingly, this was not the most painful area to be zapped.  The most painful part (just like when waxing), was the point at the top of the lips.  It was also very painful around the edges where I didn't apply the numbing cream well.  She also treated the perianal area, and it wasn't very painful.

Fourth Laser Treatment:
Laser: Alexandrite Candela GentleLase
Treatment number  4
Spot Size: 18mm (15mm for upper lip)
Energy Setting: 16J

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