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Numbing Cream & Perianal Cost

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June 26, 2006 Numbing Cream Order and Treatment Addition

The cost of adding the perianal area to my treatment - $695.

I was asked to call the clinic a few days before my treatment to obtain a prescription for numbing cream.  I called the 1-800 number and they told me I had to call the clinic directly.  I told them that I also wanted to add an area to be treated, and they were very helpful.  Not only did they add the area but they decided to take care of ordering the numbing cream too.  I asked to have my perianal treated, which cost $695.  They added the cost to my line of credit.

I purchased the numbing cream today for $10.00 after having dropped off my prescription at the pharmacist.  Be sure to do this a week in advance, as I had to make several phone calls to get it straightened out.  Also, the pharmacist didnít know the directions for applying the cream so I used Ideal Image's "Online Chat" service to get directions.

I was instructed to apply the Lidocaine/Prilocaine one to two hours before the treatment.  Apply the cream generously over the areas to be treated, but not more than 50% of the entire body.  For maximum effectiveness immediately wrap the areas in plastic wrap, which acts as an "occlusive dressing."

To update - I have been using the topical numbing cream and can feel a huge difference in pain level.  It was definitely worth it!

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