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Shedding After 3rd Laser Treatment

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Today was the first day I saw signs of shedding since my third laser hair removal treatment.  After the first two treatments I didn't see shedding until eight days after the treatment so this time I am a few days ahead of schedule. 

I was directed not to shave until after I finished shedding, so none of the areas treated have been shaved for five days.  I was told that by not shaving the longer hair would grab onto my clothing and shed more quickly.  It seems that the hair is breaking off at the surface of the skin, so I don't think that not shaving has been helpful.

I've had several people tell me that the energy (12J) is to low for my skin type, and I should ask to be treated at higher energy levels.  I am concerned about burning and scaring associated with people being treated at energy levels too high, so I thought it would be safe to slowly increase the settings.  At it has been said that having energy settings too low can cause black coarse hair to grow in fine and lighter, which will make permanent hair removal impossible.  I plan on discussing this at my next appointment.

Laser: Alexandrite Candela GentleLase
Treatment 3: 9-5-06
Spot Size: 18mm
Energy Setting: 12J

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