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Slight Hair Re-Growth After First Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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I shaved my underarms a couple days ago and need to shave again now.  The hair is course again, but still a little thinner than normal. 

I havenít had an ingrown hair since the treatment.  Normally I have 2 Ė 3 small, ingrown hairs under my arms and 1 Ė 5 small ones in my bikini line. I also get large ingrown hairs in my bikini line.  It seems like there is one large, ingrown hair in my bikini line at all times.  The ingrown hair that I had when I went for my first treatment is just starting to go away. Iím not sure but I believe the treatment made the ingrown hair last longer, because the hair didnít continue to grow, so it was more difficult for it to break through the skin.

Until I shaved this morning my bikini line looked like it was waxed a few weeks ago, some long hairs, some short hairs. The hair was thinner, but still just as black as before the first laser treatment.  Shaving is a little easier, just like a few weeks after waxing.  I assume the hair will be almost normally before my next laser hair removal treatment at the end of this month. 

My upper lip looks almost like it did before the first laser treatment.  There are a few less black hairs, but still plenty of long black ones with tons of blonde ones in-between. One thing that disappoints me about laser hair removal is that the laser will not affect the blonde hairs.  

My areolas now have a few black hairs around them, same as before the treatment.

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