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July 21, 2006

My skin is definitely smoother now.  I think I was wrong when I said I had finished shedding, because now I can really see that the treatment has worked.  I havenąt shaved in 10 days and my bikini area feels great. It isnąt perfectly smooth, you can see some hair growth, but the hair feels softer than before the treatment.

My areolas are perfect!  There arenąt any dark hairs around them.  Now some of these hairs may grow back, but for now they are perfect.  This must be the 'hair free' time everyone talks about when going through laser hair removal.  I haven't been completely hair free in any other area that is being treated.

My underarms look great.  You can feel a little hair growth, but remember I havenąt shaved in 10 days.  It is wonderful not to have to shave everyday!  My skin is less irritated and I save time in the shower.

There is a difference in my toes.  If you read the previous journal entries you know that my toes were treated without being shaved. I thought the treatment wasnąt effective on my toes, but now I see a reduction of hair.  The results are not as good as the other areas, but it was a free zap. =)

My upper lip looks better, but it is not hair free.  I think I had better results with my upper lip after the first laser hair removal treatment.  There is a reduction in hair, but I feel like I'm missing out on that 'hair free' week that I experienced last time.

I am most pleased with my bikini area.  It feels so smooth.  Although there is still a lot of hair growth, the amount of reduction is amazing.  The current hair is so much softer than before the treatment.  I don't have any ingrown hairs!!!  My old ingrown hair is now just a dark spot and the scar from my mole removal is fading.  The only area in my bikini area that I'm not happy with is the outer labia.  I really don't think that area was treated well.  For those of you who have Brazilian waxes you know that the area can be stretched out to remove all of the hair.  I just don't feel that the technician did a good job of positioning me to expose the hair deep inside my bikini area.  Next time I will try to be more assertive and insist on pulling my leg up like one does for waxing.

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