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Third Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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The settings on the alexandrite Candela GentleLase were turned up from 10 to 12 J for my third laser hair removal treatment.  This treatment hurt really bad!  I was shocked by the amount of pain and the smell of burning hair.  The pain wasn't unbearable.  It wasn't even as bad as waxing, but it still hurt a lot! 

Like the previous two times the nurse started with my upper lip.  I wore the safety glasses and she started to zap away.  She didn't move slowly like the other two nurses and she zapped my upper lip many more times!  She overlapped the zaps a great deal.  I'm not sure how many zaps she did on my upper lip but it must have been at least 10.  The pain wasn't too bad, but the smell of burnt hair was horrible.

After she finished my upper lip she gave me the regular sun glasses and started on my underarms.  WOW!  It was really painful.  Having my underarms treated was more painful than my bikini area or upper lip.  I believe I actually jerked my arm away once!  I would compare this level of pain to waxing, maybe each zap was a little less painful then each rip of waxing, but the zapping went on for a longer period of time.  After she finished I could see my underarms were very red.

Finally she went to the bikini area, and while I braced for the worst, it actually wasn't too painful.  Remember, I have numbing cream, which I applied an hour and 20 minutes before the appointment.  Please don't misunderstand me, the procedure was still painful, but not as painful as my underarms.  She had me spread my legs like a frog, but she was very thorough.  She actually zapped all the way down the very middle of my bikini area. (Yes, I mean she zapped the lips.)  This wasn't too bad except for the one zap at the very top of the lips.  I feel like it was the absolute worse area to be zapped! 

I was very happy with the area she covered, because it was still red I could see that she reached all of the hairs, even slightly pass the edges of my bikini hair.  After she finished she gave me aloe to rub on the treated area.  Ahhhhh.  It was instant relief!  I was amazed at how quickly the areas quit hurting.  The complete relief was only temporary.  In about 1 hour my underarms felt like they were sunburned and were slightly red in color.

My upper lip went back to normal coloration almost immediately after applying the aloe, but after a few hours a small red area developed.  The next day my upper lip showed no signs of redness.

My bikini area stayed slightly red all day, but didn't hurt after the first few minutes.  The next day the bikini area had normal coloration, but felt slightly sunburned.  I am going to try to apply some aloe to help cool it down again.

My underarms stayed red all day and were a little red the next day also.  They felt sunburned well into the night of the second and third day after the treatment..

I highly recommend carrying aloe to your appointment to apply throughout the day after your treatment. 

The pictures to the right were taken immediately after the appointment.  To see how red the skin was twelve hours after the appointment look in at the Third Treatment Before & After Pictures.

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