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Very Little Hair Growth

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It has been almost seven weeks since my fourth laser hair removal treatment and I have had very little hair growth.  I don't expect to see much hair growth until the ninth or tenth week.  I am kind of excited to see how much of the hair will grow back.  I hope after 10 or 11 weeks there is still a significant reduction in hair.

If you click on the picture of my upper lip you can see there are small dark hairs starting to pop out near the edges of my lips.  I actually didn't notice these hairs until I saw a magnified photograph of my lip hair.  In the bathroom mirror with modest lighting it looks as if I only have blond hair growing in my upper lip area.  Although I would love for my upper lip to be completely smooth, I know that laser hair removal will not effect the blond hairs.  I would actually be happy if my upper lip looked as it does now, permanently.  It is a major improvement from the initial pictures taken before I began laser hair removal.

My underarms are experiencing the most hair growth, which I think is odd because after other treatments I felt that they stayed smooth the longest.  Just like with my upper lip I don't really notice the hairs until I see a magnified picture.  Although, now that I have seen how much hair is growing I am tempted to shave my underarms.  The hair that is growing is very soft.  It is more like the hair on my head than the hair that usually grows in my underarm area.  I haven't had any ingrown hairs since my last laser hair removal treatment, and since I haven't shaved the area in weeks I don't have any razor burn either. =)

My bikini area is still smooth, but it also still has pepperspots.  Most of the pepperspots have gone away, but it still looks like someone sprinkled pepper over my bikini area.  I have very few hairs growing in this area, and the ones that are there are soft and light colored.

The areas that were retreated shed a little but not completely.  Well, the small spot above my lips shed completely.  This is the area that I think was actually missed.  It was smaller than a dime.  The areas that were 'missed' during the third and fourth treatment did not fully shed.  I think the technician was right when she said that those areas may be on a different growth cycle so they were not affected by the treatment. 

I am a little confused on how this works exactly. I thought that all hair was damaged and shed, but only the hair in the active growth phase was actually killed during treatments.  But I have had a few hairs grow back very quickly and other take more time to grow back.  Maybe if the hair is in the dormant phase, but about to start the growth phase it really isn't affected at all.  I'm not really sure. 

I also had my nipples treated when I went in for touch ups.  The hair surrounding the areolas shed completely and has not grown back.  There are only a few dark hairs there so it is very easy to see the progress in this area.  Also, this area was treated at 18J, so I am curious to see the results.

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