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My hair is beginning to grow back at a much quicker pace.  Although it is
thinner and softer I do have to shave my underarms everyday.  Shaving is so
much easier.  Prior to my first treatment it was very painful to shave my
underarms.  I could not press down very hard on the razor without having a
lot of pain.  Sometimes I would bleed a little, just little nicks, much like
a manąs face.  The hairs were so thick and coarse it was impossible to shave
well.  I would have a constant 5 oąclock shadową because I couldnąt shave
very close to the skin.

Now the hair shaves well with even the dullest razor.  Since starting laser
hair removal I went from changing my razor blade every couple of days to
changing it every other week.  (Iąm still shaving my legs regularly, but
they donąt have the problems my underarm and bikini area had.)  I can
quickly shave my underarms with one firm swipe. =) Before I would spend lots
of time shaving lightly with the first swipe up, lightly with the first
swipe down, then with medium pressure up and down ­ it was the only way to
get a decent shave.

My upper lip has some visible hair growth, but nothing like before the
treatments.  Iąm very confident all of the dark hairs will be removed after
a few more treatments.


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