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May 16, 2006 – A week of smoothness

I haven’t shaved my underarms in one week and am just starting to feel soft hair growth.  Visually they still look perfect, even better than shaving.  Typically you can still see the stubble or hair follicles after I shave my underarms, but now they look perfectly smooth.

My bikini line has less stubble and hair growth than normal, but it never achieved the smoothness that my underarms had 

My upper lip doesn’t have any black hairs, only small blonde ones.

No longer shedding – that I can tell anyways.

May 28, 2006  Still smooth but some Hair growth

I shaved my underarms a week ago and they are still smooth.  My bikini line is also pretty smooth, but not as smooth as my underarms.  I am seeing a little hair growth on my upper-lip for the first time since the shedding.  My next laser hair removal treatment is 4 weeks away and I can’t wait to see the results.

(The pictures on the right are from May 30th 2006.)



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